PlaySight and Club Locker Announce Partnership

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We are thrilled today to announce a new partnership with Club Locker, the world’s premier software platform for squash players, clubs and federations. Through this new technology partnership, Club Locker Venue’s digital scoreboard technology and live scoring features will be automatically overlaid onto PlaySight’s live streaming and automated production video platform.

PlaySight’s Smart Sports AI-connected camera platform is used daily by teams throughout squash and all sports. PlaySight currently works with many of the top collegiate varsity squash programs such as Yale, Trinity and Dartmouth, and at the prep school level with Andover, Kent and other leading programs. Outside of squash, PlaySight technology powers teams across the MLB, collegiate and prep baseball, and leading academies and facilities such as the USTA National Campus, IMG Academy and LakePoint Sports.

“We are always looking for partners that can drive further value for our users, whether it is teams, coaches, athletes, programs or fans,” said Chen M. Shachar, PlaySight Co-Founder and CEO. “We have been working in squash for many years and look forward to bringing the same pro-level live streaming experience to our squash partners throughout all levels of the sport.”

Club Locker is a leading platform providing cloud-based services to players, facilities, teams and sports organizations. The Club Locker application helps to drive engagement, increase awareness and promote connection between the racquet sports community by offering a full suite of facility management tools including reservations, membership and customer relationship management (CRM), live scoring and results entry, and league, tournament and competition management. Club Locker Venue layers a suite of premium add-on services that leverage standard Club Locker features, designed to enhance the spectator and participant experience in squash and racquet sport venues through real time scoreboards and digital signage content

“We started Club Locker with the goal of providing a flexible, responsive platform that would meet the needs of players, the facilities at which they play, and the organizations that support them,” said Ryan Rayfield, President of Club Locker, “Core to that goal is continual improvement of Club Locker and connected Club Locker Venue technologies, and we believe that partnerships with other leaders in the field like PlaySight help us expand the scope of services for our users and strengthen our ability to drive innovation.”


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