Euroelite, with locations and camps across the globe, uses video and coaching technology to keep a high standard level of coaching

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(Piding, Germany) Founded in 2005 by coach Dave Bandelin in Sweden, Euroelite has always operated with one main objective in mind:  to become Scandinavia’s largest junior tennis academy for competitive players.

For the past 10 years, coach Michael Andreasson took the role of managing the german leg of the endeavour in Piding, a charming Bavarian town near to the border of Austria in the Eastern Alps. Besides Germany and Sweden, Euroelite also counts with a facility in Denmark as well as several camps and tennis trips around the globe, including South-America and Asia.

We took some time to catch up with Michael and learn a little bit more about the role of technology in such an international environment at Euroelite.

Why did you decide to invest in PlaySight?

Modern technology today is an essential and undeniable part of training. We wanted to give our coaches and players the chance to work with top technology and PlaySight is simply the most complete option out there.”

How does PlaySight enhance your programs, coaches and players?

Plain and simple, PlaySight gives us the possibility to actually know what the players are doing and even more importantly to see what the real impact of training turns out to be.  Being able to have access to hard data such as speed and spin rate, as well as ball placement and consistency gives us amazing insight on how training is going and what changes or adjustments must take place.

What role does video technology play for your sport and teams?

“A key feature is the ability to watch video with stats side by side and real time. This has cut our off-court time watching and editing videos to basically zero, which is an amazing feat. Coaches can simply press the mic button and create a 30 second coaching video with the ability to add drawings and slow motion right there and then, knowing that the player(s) will automatically have access to it from their own accounts.”


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