Our sports technology just got Smarter

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We’re always focused on improving our athlete and user experience, and about three or four times a year we release a new version of our Smart sports platform – on-court, online, and with the PlaySight app.

Check out some of the new upgrades and innovations:

New interface: One feed to rule them all

Your activities feed is no longer sorted by sport or type – access all of your PlaySight/sports footage in one place – quickly and easily. Think of it as your own personal YouTube page with all of your content – easy to sort, filter, and find what you want.

New feature: Quickly pick the camera view you want

We’ve also made it easier to toggle between the various camera angles from your PlaySight facility – pick the angle you want to watch/use in your analysis with a new thumbnail preview. Whether your sport is tennis, basketball, soccer or any of the other 25+ sports we cover, you can now access the view you want quicker.

Tennis: New SmartScore technology

We’re bringing the center court experience to college tennis. Many of our 70+ NCAA programs will now have access to automated stats and data on the live stream/feed, just like the professional tournaments do on ESPN and other networks. We continue to change the game at the collegiate level for tennis, for players, coaches, programs and fans.

Basketball: Automatic scoreboard events

Do you play on a PlaySight basketball court with a scoreboard? Your video will now have automated events to make analysis and breakdown instant and easy after you are done playing.

Tennis: Create your own drills & share with the world

Want to see how you stack up against the best tennis players in the world? Want to learn how they practice to get better? We’ve consulted with the top minds in the sport to create custom drills for our SmartCourt PRO – give these drills a shot and post your score.

Simply log in to your local SmartCourt PRO kiosk and play one of the pre-set drills – or even better, create your own and share it with us!

PlaySight Network: Easier to subscribe to watch what you want

We’ve also made it easier than ever to access the live and on demand sports video that you want with new subscription packages.

The PlaySight Network has quickly grown into one of the leading youth sports channels in the world – some content is free, and some you have to subscribe to. Check out what is on at any time here.

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