PlaySight Interactive and Crionet announce new automated production technology partnership in tennis


PlaySight Interactive and Crionet are excited today to announce a new technology partnership in tennis. The two companies are joining forces to bring the next generation of video and data production to professional tennis events and tournaments around the world. PlaySight has built a global network of tennis SmartCourts, driven by AI software and connected camera technology, and Crionet is a high-technology media and broadcast production company in tennis and sports world.

This new AI-driven broadcast technology platform includes automated data collection in real-time, automated video production, ball and player tracking, video replay and much more. The goal is to bring an innovative viewing experience to all courts during tennis events and tournaments. Additionally, any court with PlaySight technology becomes a content and media channel with coaching, performance and VAR officiating tools that can be utilized beyond just the event or tournament itself.

Giorgio Garcia-Agreda, Crionet CEO and Microsoft MVP:

“I’m really excited to announce this partnership with PlaySight for many reasons. It is natural for us to join our strengths and our business ideas, and we both know that this is just the starting point of a powerful cooperation. Our teams are already working closely together to bring innovations to the world of sport and media.”

Gaetano Guarino, Crionet CCO:

“Artificial intelligence within the service of sports broadcasting is now a reality if you know how to apply it, and this is what PlaySight does. Fans consume media content from any device and thanks to this partnership we will be able to make the hard work of tennis federations and tournaments easier and more cost-effective in creating and transmitting live events with over-the-top technology and quality.”

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