PlaySight Interactive Launches PlaySight Go Mobile, Revolutionizing Portable Broadcast Solutions

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HOD HASHARON, Israel, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – PlaySight Interactive, the global leader in sports AI video technology, is excited to unveil its latest breakthrough in portable broadcast solutions: PlaySight Go Mobile. This ground-breaking product, being introduced at the ITA Coaches Convention in Lake Nona, Florida, redefines the industry as the first smartphone-based professional broadcasting system. With premium-quality live streaming, video recording, instant replay, and VAR Light (PlayFair) integration, PlaySight Go Mobile seamlessly integrates into the PlaySight ecosystem, setting new standards in sports broadcasting.

In addition to this innovation, PlaySight proudly announces its strategic partnership with the iOnCourt score app. This collaboration introduces an integrated Smart Score solution for tennis, pickleball, and padel, enhancing the PlaySight experience. By combining cutting-edge technology with comprehensive sports broadcasting and scoring solutions, PlaySight Interactive continues to push the boundaries and deliver exceptional experiences for athletes, coaches, and fans worldwide.

PlaySight Go Mobile is an affordable and user-friendly smart broadcast, recording, and replay system. It requires no installation or infrastructure costs, making it the ultimate professional tool for travel and use at home and away games. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, it delivers high-quality video in extreme heat, shock, vibration, dust, sand, and concrete drops. With a long-lasting battery lasting up to 13 hours and compatibility with cellular networks and Wi-Fi, PlaySight Go Mobile optimizes and manages available bandwidth.

“Our vision is to transform all sports courts and fields into ‘smart courts,’ and with our new Go Mobile, we can make this a reality,” said Chen Shachar, Co-Founder and CEO of PlaySight.

The initial launch of PlaySight Go Mobile targets racquet sports such as tennis, pickleball, and padel, with a focus on the high-performance market, including collegiate tennis programs, international and national tournaments. With over 100 NCAA programs, PlaySight enables all Division 1, 2, and 3 programs to live stream their tournaments, even if they don’t own a facility. The Go Mobile offers automatic digital integration with scoreboards, live graphics, and smart scoring, including full integration with I/On court, the live scoring application. Additionally, the product supports umpires with the VAR Light solution (PlayFair) for all matches from multiple phones.

PlaySight Go Mobile seamlessly integrates with the PlaySight Sports Network (PSSN), a flexible and full-service OTT platform. This integration enables sports teams and facilities to monetize their content, with options ranging from branded streaming to custom subscription plans. All live streaming and video management can be done remotely, with the ability to push content to the PSSN, other networks, or social media platforms for increased exposure and reach. The Live+ feature makes PSSN the first multi-angle automated live streaming sports OTT network available.

The Go Mobile system is already being used by Tennis Canada and the Mountain West Athletic Conference, showcasing its reliability and versatility in real-world applications. 

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