“Bringing PlaySight into the fold was an easy decision for us to make.”

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Pomfret, Connecticut (June 7, 2019) – PlaySight’s Smart sports technology is coming to the Pomfret School this summer, as the Griffins become the latest New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) program to add PlaySight. The school’s coaches and student-athletes will soon benefit from PlaySight’s pro-level video and performance tools, and the school’s student body, family, parents and alumni will be able to follow along with live streaming and automated production broadcasts. Pomfret joins a number of other NEPSAC programs with PlaySight, including Trinity-Pawling, Brewster Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall and the Hotchkiss School.

Garry Dow, Director of Communications at Pomfret School:

“The ease of use and automated capabilities of PlaySight are a major reason why so many NEPSAC programs are embracing the technology and adding it throughout their campuses. “We are really excited about our new partnership with PlaySight. “Because we are a boarding school, most of our parents cannot physically be here to attend games. At the same time, we only have so much capacity to stream games on our own. Bringing PlaySight into the fold was an easy decision for us to make. Their automated system takes the pressure off of our staff and creates a high-quality streaming experience for our parents.” 

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