SEQNZR joins Industry Leading Baseball and Softball Technology Platform

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TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (July 7th, 2021) PlaySight Interactive (, a leading global sports video technology platform and 6-4-3 Charts (, the industry leader in advanced scouting and data visualization for baseball and softball programs, are pleased today to announce that SEQNZR ( will be a standard part of the PlaySight/643 packaged technology stack offered to baseball and softball teams and programs throughout all levels of the sport, which you can learn more about here.

 “The information SEQNZR provides helps us make efficient in-game decisions. It takes age-old baseball IQ concepts and makes them highly specific to our hitters and our data.” said Chris Pollard, Duke Baseball Head Coach.

This new integration furthers the unmatched offering created with this partnership, all within one platform. SEQNZR uses historical data to generate 100,000 simulations and also includes modeling – lineup optimization, match-up predictions, bunt/stolen base break-evens, and much more. The company, which has rapidly grown its presence in NCAA baseball and softball this year, is excited to be able to make its proprietary technology availbale to many other programs through this partnership and technology integration.

“The analytics SEQNZR provides are very similar to what’s used by top MLB front offices. This is the first time these numbers are available to college programs. It’s affordable, easy-to-use, highly specific to both baseball and softball within your conference, and helps your team score extra runs that you won’t find anywhere else,” said Brian McAfee, SEQNZR Co-Founder. SEQNZR’s platform is used and trusted daily throughout both collegiate softball and baseball, and will serve as an enhancement for both 6-4-3’s data as well as PlaySight’s multi-angle performance video.

“Using SEQNZR gives an insight into the analytics part of softball that every coach needs. Testing a theory or hunch you might have before putting it into action is the best way to use information. SEQNZR makes a complicated process much easier,” said Kirin Kumar, Miami Ohio Softball Head Coach.

PlaySight’s Smart sports AI connected camera platform is used daily by teams across the MLB, collegiate and prep baseball, and leading academies and facilities such as IMG Academy, USA Baseball, LakePoint Baseball and Ripken Baseball. 6-4-3 Charts currently serves over 500 NCAA baseball and softball programs with their accurate and insightful scouting reports, data visualization and analytics platform.

“This approach aligns with our goal of being able to provide a truly all-in-one solution to our clients,” said Derek Weldon, 6-4-3 Charts CEO and Co-Founder. “The ability for coaches to utilize SEQNZR’s lineup optimization tools, predictive modelling, and the tools we will be able to build together with our historical data, reporting and visualization expertise will take game-day preparation to another level for coaches. ”

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