We were up at Sports Academy (located about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles in Newbury Park, California) earlier this week to check in on the SmartCourt there and shoot some video of their coaches and athletes using the technology to get better during the off-season.

We’re hoping to have that video to share with you guys soon, but in the meantime here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of the technology and the video shoot – we had the drone out and had some awesome displays of basketball skills on the SmartCourt all day long.

Our new SmartCourt PLAY product launches officially at the end of this month, and it includes real-time video replay from multiple angles on tablets and mobile devices. We’re super excited about this as the #1 feedback from many of our coaches has been to add even more ways to access video in real-time on-court.

The drone made an appearance near the end of the day. Despite a few close calls, there was no direct contact with any flying basketballs.

Sports Academy (and our SmartCourt) isn’t just basketball focused. The facility offers top-end programming for a variety of other sports, including volleyball.

Sports Academy attracts the best of the best – NBA players, college stars, pro athletes from other sports, and top young juniors wanting to get to the next level. We’re excited to play a part in that development process.

Sports Academy Director of Basketball and Strategy (and former college player) Andrew Henke showing his ups during some end-of-the-day shooting fun (not pictured in this frame – a hovering drone above the backboard).

The on-court SmartCourt console screen offers real-time and after-action analysis tools, visual and audio feedback capabilities for players, and much more.

And that’s a wrap! Stay tuned for more from Sports Academy (and check them out if you are ever in the SoCal area – they offer training options for all types of people in addition to young, collegiate and professional athletes).