RoughRiders Basketball gets an edge with live streaming and pro-level video

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Superior, Colorado (November 7th, 2019) – The RoughRiders Basketball Association first partnered with PlaySight last year to bring SmartCourt technology to its home facility at the Sport Stable in Colorado. The program has utilized the technology in a variety of ways, from live streaming games and practices to providing its coaches and athletes with pro-level video and analysis tools and technology to enable more efficient practice and quicker improvement on court, as well as an easy video management platform to create clips and provide video to coaches off court.

“PlaySight ensures that even with our busy schedules and being remote we never miss out on a chance to watch our kids play the game!”

We caught up with Galen Harkness, who works with the RoughRiders as an EYG Trainer, to get his thoughts on the technology and how it has benefitted both the program and him as a coach. “The real-time, instant video replay gives the ability for teaching on the spot with video feedback for players and coaches to see visually. It’s perfect for teaching.”

As mentioned, the technology provides value to more than just the coaches. “Both athletes and parents really like several opportunities that PlaySight offers them. Parents love that they are able to watch games while on the road or away from family, and the players like the easy access to creating highlight clips for social media posts,” said Harkness. “While both groups love having the ability to go back and watch practices or games after the fact. It is a great feature for teaching and connecting for parents and players.”

Here is what the parent of a RoughRiders athlete had to say about PlaySight and the value it has provided. “PlaySight has been a game-changer for me and our extended family. I am often on the road traveling for work and sometimes can’t make my son’s basketball games. Since PlaySight has launched I am now able to watch his games remotely from my iPad. After the game, I call my son and we talk about the game and it’s like I was there in person. Additionally, my son’s grandparents are not local and often can’t be at the games in person, they are constantly following live on PlaySight to watch his games and now never miss out on an opportunity to see him play.”

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