SmartScore technology coming to college tennis

We’re bringing automated SmartScore technology to collegiate tennis programs across the country. The center court viewing experience is now coming to your favorite school. With automated and real-time stats and graphics packages, we’re excited to further enhance the viewing experience for the 70+ NCAA programs that use our live streaming and automated production broadcast technology.


A Broadcast-Level Experience For Your Fans

In addition to the digital scoreboard on the live stream, the digital score includes live animations for break points, deciding points, set points, and other key score events. Periodically throughout the match, stats will come up as well (for example, % of receiving points won by each player)

At the end of sets, a set summary will appear, with serve, return, and overall point statistics. See above for more.

Automatic Highlight Clip Creation

Five automatic highlight clips will be created from each match, including game points won for each player, pressure points won for each player, and set points.

Score Event List and Video Filter

Just as a video filter is available with the SmartCourt PRO system to see all forehand winners or backhands down the line, the score integration filter will allow coaches/players to navigate certain points, games, or sets to efficiently review video. Examples:

o Filter for all deciding points 
o Create a highlight clip of all 15-15 points 
o Click on a certain score event and the video will cut straight to that event

No longer do you need a SmartCourt PRO to get advanced data and analytics.



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