Automatic Production

Broadcast live streams and record your games and practices instantly and easily

Live Streaming

Every PlaySight SmartCourt, SmartField, SmartGym & SmartRink is an affordable and easy-to-use automatic production live streaming and video recording platform. We streamline and automate the entire broadcasting, live streaming, and video recording process so that you can spend more time practicing, playing, coaching and improving

The PlaySight video player is designed specifically for sports fans. As you watch live sports action on PlaySight, you can zoom in, play in slo-mo, and use our DVR to rewind back to the beginning or for instant replays

Baseball live streaming player
SmartTracker camera

Automatic Production: The SmartTracker

With our SmartTracker technology, there is no need for an operator or camera man to capture your sports action

Using the latest in machine learning and advanced algorithms, our cameras capture and automatically follow all action, whether on a court, field or rink. And they get smarter each and every game – learning the best and most efficient ways to deliver the best possible viewing experience to you – athletes, coaches and sports fans

Multi-Angle Video & Synced Smart Cameras

Multiangle cameras
Multiangle cameras

Your sports action is captured by our high-performance cameras – at the angles to best fit your needs, sport and facility. No two sports are the same, and we give you the camera views that you want- in basketball, soccer, ice hockey and more

Our cameras also communicate and sync with each other for a seamless real-time and after-action multi-angle viewing experience

Ease of use admin panels

Ease of Use

Whether you are an athlete, coach or facility owner, we’ve designed the PlaySight platform to make your life easier. We believe that technology should simplify and amplify – giving you more time to focus on what matters

We constantly innovate and release new features, rolling out a new version of our platform every few months. The singular goal is to improve upon the experience we are delivering to you. For facility owners and managers – PlaySight facilities are easily managed through a dedicated and personalized admin page – a one-stop shop to control live streaming, video recording and coach accounts

Automatic Highlights

PlaySight’s cameras create video highlights for you to share with friends, fans and on social media

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The live streaming and the SmartCourts help us engage kids today. And it’s not just because they can follow their improvement, it’s because they can share their shot of the day, or they can share their top five shots from the tournament with all their friend and family on social media.”

“We started live streaming this season and the parents were ecstatic about it. We have a lot of boys that come from all over, not just local kids. So that ability for grandparents that are 3,000 miles away to have that opportunity to see their family members and their boys play, it’s a wonderful connection.”

“The NBA and Basketball Australia have been able to fuse a relationship for player development that is greatly enhanced with the access PlaySight gives. No matter where someone is in the world, clips and live games can be viewed anywhere.”

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