Broadcast, sports video and live streaming technology without the need for an operator.

Automated Production
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Our connected cameras automatically follow and capture all action, whether on a court, field or rink.

Our platform gets ‘Smarter’ each and every time you use it. The more sports it watches, the better the tracking becomes. All with the single goal of delivering the best video experience possible to you.

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With best-in-class AI technology and advanced algorithms, we have built a platform that automatically tracks and records all action from your sport – including basketball, soccer, hockey and many others.

Automated Production
Playsight Smartscore

We take raw data generated by your scoreboard to generate automated sports stats and graphics both live on-screen and on the PlaySight platform, with pre-filtered tags and automated highlights.

We adjust these tools to suit your specific needs and budget, not the other way around. Our SmartScore technology is able to operate through many different methods such as PIP, OCR and scoring apps, including the below platforms.

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Automated Highlights

Focus on the best moments. PlaySight’s uses it’s own algorithm as well as OCR technology to automatically create video highlights for you to share.

Live Streaming

PlaySight streamlines the entire broadcasting and video capture experience. Remotely schedule and manage your live streams and video recording. Set up private live streams for recruits and internal use only. Push live content to your fans, alumni and community.

The PlaySight video player was designed specifically for sports – with zoom, slo-mo and DVR capabilities.

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Instant Replay

Listed as potential provider by FIFA, our multi-angle video review is there for you, whether you want to use it for instant technical analysis in practices or games, or to take your officiating to another level for replay and reviews.

You can also add voice commentary and drawing breakdowns to share with your athletes.


A Complete Broadcasting Platform

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What Our Clients Say About Us


“PlaySight SmartCourt technology allows our teams and the league to produce all of our basketball content, leading to an increase in our overall visibility with live stream broadcasts and video content for highlights.” Read more


“PlaySight will help with the uncertainty around fans and recruits attending games or practices this upcoming year in a big way.”
Read more


“Within the overall Synerglace Ligue Magnus development project, putting in place a streaming solution for all the games with Fanseat is a breakthrough for us. Extending the agreement and incorporating PlaySight is a huge step forward. PlaySight’s Smart AI and connected camera technology will improve the streaming experience for our fans and will provide additional tools to clubs, coaches and referees.” Read more