PlaySight and LIGR team up to integrate automated video production and live streaming with professional-level graphics and sponsor integration.

The most complete solution for automated production live graphics.

Turn your sports league, facility, or team into its own professional network. With this industry-leading integration, you can now access automated live streaming and video combined with LIGR’s best-in-class and fully customizable graphics package. Integrate sponsors, generate reports, and get up and running in minutes.

This partnership will offer a pro-level, affordable and highly customizable live graphics solution with an incredible amount of features, including:

  • A single work-flow for your live video and graphics
  • Build your media channel
  • Customizable graphics for your sport and team
  • Sponsor integration & reports
  • Fan engagement & data capture
  • New monetization abilities
  • Fully automated, no manpower needed
  • Own & build your brand
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What does this mean for sports?

“PlaySight’s live streaming and video platform is among the best in sports, and from listening to clients we know that there is a real need for the combined offering that we will be putting together with them. PlaySight’s platform has been proven out across the top sports all over the world, and we look forward to taking their video to the next level with our live sports broadcast graphics platform.”

“We share a vision with the team at LIGR – to bring pro-level and sophisticated technology to all levels of sports, all over the world. The need from our customers, whether it is a league, college athletic department, high school team or high-performance academy is all the same: to find new, creative and exciting ways to engage with their communities and fans through live and on demand video content.”
“LIGR provided us with an easy way to integrate score graphics on to our PlaySight live video stream. Not only does it offer an easy way to post a score graphic, but it also allows us to customize specialized graphics for different events and sports. We also have an easy way to incorporate ads into our live stream. The different graphic capabilities and ability to customize ads is where LIGR stands out from all the rest of the companies we looked at.”