Turn your court, gym, field, rink or sports facility Smart with the latest in connected camera and sports video technology. High quality, pro-level video at the touch of a button.

We connect sports all over the world, and the PRO platform is validated and utilized daily by the best professional athletes, as well as hundreds of collegiate, high school and sports academy programs.

Why PlaySight PRO?

  • Multi-angle video and connected cameras

  • SmartTracker™ technology

  • Automated production live streaming
  • Video replay (VAR)

  • Create, edit and share content instantly

  • Remote management of your facility

  • Content monetization capabilities

  • SmartScore scoreboard integration
  • Sport-specific automated tagging

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With best-in-class AI technology and advanced algorithms, we have built a platform that automatically tracks and records all action from your sport – including basketball, soccer, hockey and many others.

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smartscore scoreboards
Playsight SmartScore

The latest in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and scoring app technology to automatically insert a customizable digital scoreboard onto your live streams.

Our algorithms also extract meaningful insights and statistics during breaks and time-outs and automatically tag all events for better video breakdown and review.

Player Development

Practice smarter. Perform better. Sport-specific video, analytics,
analysis and insights. Get connected with the PlaySight Edge.
Pro-level video tools and technology to help you win more.

Athlete development tools and sports video analysis platform

What Our Clients Say About PlaySight Pro

“We are always looking for ways to create a competitive advantage for our team. Having the ability to review film in real time, view film from multiple angles, and our players to have the ability to access film of themselves at any time, PlaySight clearly gives us an edge in both player, and program development.”
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“Coaches like the ability to easily find particular game situations. That ability up to now has only been available to large programs. PlaySight’s high-quality video is a great tool to learn and coach with.”
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“PlaySight provides an excellent product that is continuously being developed to provide cutting-edge options for our basketball program that will help in on court performance, film review, and recruiting.”


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