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Instant Replay
VAR Light

Typically expensive to set up, PlaySight has simplified the challenge review system and VAR experience. Access multi-angle video replay instantly from the PlaySight app on any iOS or Android device. PlaySight VAR Light is listed as a potential provider by FIFA.


Flexible and Affordable

No dedicated replay room or major infrastructure is necessary. Operate your VAR Light from anywhere you want

Multiple Angles

As many angles as you want – synchronized cameras to capture all action by the challenge review system specific to your sport.

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Validated and Proven

Challenge replay system developed with feedback from professional coaches, officials and referees in leagues worldwide.

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Full Integration

PlaySight’s VAR Light platform can integrate with many different types of cameras and existing broadcast set-ups.

Maximize Game Integrity

Give your athletes, coaches and teams peace of mind with high-quality video for officiating with the challenge review system.

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First launched in college tennis back in 2017, PlayFair Challenge Review System improves sportsmanship through the democratization of video replay.

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What Our Clients Say About VAR Light And PlayFair


“The ability to watch replay on the court to give instant feedback to our guys is critical. The faster we can produce the playback, the more productive it will be in our players’ learning. PlaySight gives us that capability.” Read more

“Replay technology has had a positive impact on professional tennis, and it is great for the sport to see PlaySight and the ITA leading the way with it at the collegiate level.
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“PlayFair has changed our game to help promote and ensure proper line calls. I know it will allow players, coaches and officials to focus on the tennis and allow peace of mind for all during competition.” Read more