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Your All-in-One Tennis System

Portable and fixed connected camera video platforms.
The latest innovations in sports AI and machine learning applied to tennis.

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Scoreboard Integration

We take raw data generated by your scoreboard to generate automated tennis stats both live on-screen and on the PlaySight platform, with pre-filtered tags and automated highlights.

Scoreboard Insights

On-screen insights to enhance the viewing experience for your alumni and fans.

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Create, Tag and Share

Create highlight videos or individualized coaching clips for your players.


Tennis Match Analytics

PlaySight and Spininsight partnership marks a groundbreaking collaboration that will empower tennis players and enthusiasts to elevate their game through the combination of innovative technology and advanced analytics.

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First launched in college tennis back in 2017, PlayFair was built to improve sportsmanship and reduce cheating in tennis through the democratization of video replay.

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Activities Page

All of your tennis videos and analytics in one place. Review online from any device, anywhere in the world.

Multi-Angle Instant Replay

Get instant access to video from multiple angles. Don’t wait until your practice or match is over to analyze your sessions and improve. Give yourself access to pro-level review technology.

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Player Development Tools

Next level analysis with easy-to-use app tools – biomechanical analysis, add audio annotations to clips, review in slo-mo and more.



Watch multiple, synced angles of the same live stream. A second-screen experience, inside the same video player.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


“I’ve been coaching on the ATP and WTA tours for the last 20 years and never before have we had access to the tennis analytics and high performance technology that PlaySight offers.”


“We are going to give our student-athletes and coaches the tools they need to improve faster and perform better, ultimately helping them reach the next level in their respective tennis careers.”

Tim Cass

“PlaySight, it is the future. This technology allows us to connect not only to our youth, but also really grow and develop and teach the game of tennis.”

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