We take the PRO to the next level with the PRO+. From upgraded OCR technology to 4K resolution, the PRO+ is for sports leagues and teams who want great quality for both training sessions and live streamings.

Why PlaySight PRO+?

  • 4K camera resolution and multi-angle video

  • Unlimited cloud storage for your content
  • Seamless integration to all tagging platforms
  • SmartTracker™ technology

  • Automated production live streaming
  • Instant video replay

  • Create, edit and share content in seconds
  • Remote management of your video platform
  • Monetization capabilities
  • SmartScore scoreboard integration
  • Sport-specific automated tagging

A 4K Automated Broadcasting and Video Solution

Our 4K camera is a perfect fit if you are looking for great quality at an affordable cost. All of our greatest features are also included, such as SmartTracker™, SmartScore, VAR replay and more.

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With best-in-class AI technology and advanced algorithms, we’ve built a platform that automatically tracks and records all action from your sport – including basketball, soccer, hockey and many others.

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smartscore scoreboards
Playsight SmartScore

The latest in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and scoring app technology to automatically insert a customizable digital scoreboard onto your live streams.

Our algorithms also extract meaningful insights and statistics during breaks and time-outs and automatically tag all events for better video breakdown and review.

Player Development

Practice smarter. Perform better. Sport-specific video, analytics,
analysis and insights. Get connected with the PlaySight Edge –
pro-level video tools and technology to help you win more.

Athlete development tools and sports video analysis platform

What Our Clients Say About PlaySight Pro+

“Instead of setting up and breaking down a manual camera which takes up time and man power, PlaySight allows 1-2 extra coaches on court. In the past we have had to have one coach manually film and one coach log.”
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“Video is a huge part of what we do. We watch film daily as a coaching staff and are always looking for an advantage or a more efficient way of doing things. We believe this system will take our video and analytics portions of our program to the next level.” Read More

“PlaySight has just made life so much easier. We’re literally just pressing a button and it’s recording from nine different angles and six different baskets.”
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