Watch live streams and analyze your own practices and games


Watch live streams and analyze your own practices and games

PlaySight In Your Pocket

Athlete development tools and sports video analysis platform

Meaningful Stats

Does your PlaySight system produce data via OCR or an external scoring app? It will all be readily available for review and filtering through the app.

App-Based Instant Replay

Get instant access to video from multiple angles. Don’t wait until your practice or game is over to analyze your sessions and improve. Also ideal for professional level officiating.

Easily Share Your Progress

The PlaySight app makes it easy to share your content from practices and games with coaches, trainers, and fellow players.

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Activities Page

All of your videos and analytics in one place. Review online from any device, anywhere in the world.

Player Development Tools

Next level analysis with easy-to-use app tools – draw on the screen, add audio annotations to clips, review in slo-mo and more

Create, Tag and Share

Use PlaySight’s video editing features to create highlight videos or individualized coaching clips for your players.

Real-time Feedback

Improve instantly with real-time video, tagging and breakdown tools.

Watch Live Action

Watch free and on demand video from throusands of PlaySight fields, gyms, courts and rinks.

Complete Insights

PlaySight gathers data from its cameras, platform and integration with wearables and other platforms to give you a full picture of your session at the app.

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