1. XNV 6080 \ XNV 6120
    1. Positioning Streaming Cameras
    2. Positioning additional angles cameras
    3. Positioning scoreboard camera

 Full HD Network Camera

In order to get the best View for streaming purposes:
The camera needs to be positioned 17-80 ft. from the side-line, and at 17-30 ft. of height (see mounting guidelines below).

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Heights and Distances Table

positioning guidelines
Streaming camera guidelines for the best view:

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Positioning angle camera XNV 6080

Angle cameras can be installed in addition to the SmartTracker camera, to get additional views of the action.
the side cameras can be installed anywhere (half court top view, corner view etc.)


Positioning Scoreboard camera XNV 6120

* Mount the camera between 15-65ft (5-20 meters) away from the scoreboard.
* The camera must be Installed directly in front of the scoreboard.
* The camera must be 20-45 degrees higher than the scoreboard.

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