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We not only provide the most flexible solutions for automated and real-time digital scoreboard integrations on live streams, we go way beyond. Our algorithms take the raw data generated by the scoreboard input to generate automated sports stats and graphics both live on-screen and on the PlaySight platform, with pre-filtered tags and automated highlights for coaches and players to save time creating, filtering, and sorting through the game footage.

We adjust these tools to suit your specific needs and budget, not the other way around. Our SmartScore technology can operate through various methods such as PIP, OCR, and scoring apps.

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Streamline your workflow and take your game presentation to the next level with Daktronics scoreboards and PlaySight integration. This powerful combination allows you to effortlessly synchronize real-time scoring data between your Daktronics scoreboard and PlaySight system.


The integration of PlaySight and Scorebird technologies creates an immersive sports experience that combines real-time scoring information with high-quality video coverage. Users can access live and on-demand video content from various sports events, accompanied by visually appealing and informative scoring overlays.

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Sportzcast seamlessly integrates with PlaySight, delivering real-time scoring overlays embedded directly onto your live stream with the perfect synchronization between the scoreboard and the action on the field. Automatic event tagging makes it easy to relive key moments later.

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PlaySight and IOnCourt team up to integrate automated video scoring and live streaming with simple management and high-level graphics. This partnership provides a streamlined and feature-rich solution for athletes, coaches, and fans of these racquet sports.

Club Locker

Club Locker is the world’s premier software platform for squash players, clubs, and federations. Through this integration, Club Locker Venue’s digital scoreboard technology and live scoring features are automatically overlaid onto PlaySight’s live streaming and automated production video platform.

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Turn your sports league, facility, or team into its own professional network. With this industry-leading integration, you can now access automated live streaming and video combined with LIGR’s best-in-class and fully customizable graphics package. Integrate sponsors, generate reports, and get up and running in minutes.

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