Prepare Description
Power 110v\220v AC pow­er outlets near the location of the server
Lighting On the day of installation, turn ON the lights (like on a game day).
infrastructure – Cables requirements: Minimum cabling requirement is CAT6A Shielded for all cameras, no exceptions.
NOTE: if available in your country, we strongly recommend CAT7 Shielded for SmartTracker cameras.
The PlaySight system requires female shielded jacks on both ends. A short patch cable should be used on both ends as well to connect to cameras and switch.
Internet and network requirements internet speed: minimum requirements: 5 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload internet connection.

network access

The PlaySight video server comes with predefined security policies; therefore, no need to configure or add it to your Domain User Settings.
If you have a PlaySight system, you must open all ports and services below for outbound traffic to all IP’s.
In order for Playsight systems to work, it requires that and all of its subdomains are open for outbound traffic.
Some Examples (we might be changing those periodically): / /

Whitelist all outbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic to **

VLAN requirements PlaySight recommends placement of the SmartCourt Computing Unit (SCU) on a separate VLAN.
* PlaySight IP cameras should also be on separate VLAN (same as the SCU) or should have a direct physical connection to the SmartCourt Computing Unit.
* If separate VLAN cannot be arranged, the cameras should be wired home run from camera to SmartCourt Computing Unit (SCU) and connected to the secondary NIC available on the SCU, making the cameras private and excluded from the client’s network.
* The VLAN should provide a 100% quality network with the required bandwidth for each PlaySight IP camera:
* Each 1080p camera requires 10 Mbps.
* Each 4K camera requires 40 Mbps.
* Each 8k camera requires 80 Mbps.
 Live Streaming & Broadcast requirements *The broadcast stream should support the required upload speed:
* Each Streaming camera requires 5 Mbps upload to provide a good quality stream.
* Using a hard-line Ethernet connection for streaming events is ideal, as Wi-Fi Internet connection is less stable than a physical connection resulting in optional streaming interruption and the viewer will be affected hardly.* 4G hotspots or any other cellular connection is even less stable than a Wi-Fi or hard-lined connection. Based on your location, and the number of people using the closest cellular tower, your streaming signal may be compromised.


Open the following ports for all outbound to *

Port # Protocol Purpose Application
1935 TCP Video streaming RTMP
443 TCP+UDP Remote Management,

Connectivity to PlaySight Cloud Server

LogMeIn Central,

PlaySight Global Comm

123 TCP+UDP Clock synchronization NTP-clock sync
9000 TCP Playsight data service – Smart Court Station connection to PlaySight Cloud Server


UDP Video streaming ZIXI broadcaster
53 TCP+UDP DNS Name management



TCP Scoring Data Sportzcast
8001-8015 TCP+UDP Video Streaming PSA – PlaySight Stream Accelerator


Download full network specifications

Tools you will need:

Tools provided by PlaySight:

  • T10 Key for The Axis SmartTracker Camera
  • T20 Key for other cameras if applicable (scoreboard & additional views)

Tools not provided by PlaySight:

  • Drill & screws
  • Ladder \ Lift
  • mounting surfaces (wood, metal plates etc.)
  • clamps
  • NOTE: additional tools may be needed depending on your facility.