Connected Like Never Before.

Fixed and portable video technology for your gym.
Validated by the best across the NBA, NCAA and the hoops world.

Automated Production

Connected multi-camera technology that captures all on-court action. A pro-level broadcasting and viewing experience without the need for an operator.

Get your own sports channel. We provide you with full-service sports network infrastructure at a fraction of the cost, whether you are a team, league or school. Our feeds also meet latency requirements for betting integrity purposes.

App-Based Instant Replay

Get instant access to video from multiple angles. Don’t wait until your practice or game is over to analyze and improve. Give your officials real-time video to replay and review close calls.

Scoreboard Integration

Integrate your system to your physical scoreboard, allowing for digital scoreboard overlay during live streaming as well as pre-tagged events for video breakdown.

Activities Page

All of your basketball videos and data in one place. Review online from any device, anywhere in the world.

Player Development Tools

Next level analysis with easy-to-use app tools – biomechanical analysis, add audio annotations to clips, review in slo-mo and more.

Create, Tag and Share

Create highlight videos or individualized coaching clips for your players, recruiters and more.


Watch multiple, synced angles of the same live stream. A second-screen experience, inside the same video player.

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Multi-Angle Video

Review your best plays and moments on-court or online
from PlaySight’s hoops-specific camera angles.

An 8K Automated Broadcasting Solution

At PlaySight we never stop innovating. Our new 8K camera rig brings you the highest resolution video on the market.

Playsight SmartScore

Score Integration

Automatically overlay a customizable digital scoreboard to your live stream and video.

SmartScore algorithms extract meaningful insights and statistics during play and tag all meaningful events for you to easily filter through in your account.

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Instant Replay / VAR

Whether you want to use multi-angle replay for instant technical review or to take your officiating to another level, our app based instant review is there for you.

On top of that, we allow for drawing and voice note capabilities each time you access this feature.


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Manage all of your sports video in one place. Watch live streams, share highlights and more.

Get PlaySight in your pocket

Review your video and data from any device, and upload your own video to manage your entire sports career in one place

The hoops world on PlaySight:

“Film is king, regardless of the circumstances that we are in. That has been magnified with our current situation. PlaySight will help with college placement efforts and alumni engagement.”
“Our first year with PlaySight has transformed the way our program processes film. The learning curve of our coaching staff was much quicker than we anticipated and we have integrated PlaySight into our daily routine throughout our season.”
“Our coaches love PlaySight because it confirms or gives us a reality to what we are seeing during practice. The players respond well to it because they enjoy seeing themselves and what they do good or bad during practices.”

“Video is integral to the learning process from a technical and tactical stand point. As a coach, we are constantly revisiting video footage to help with athlete development, to decide what our areas of opportunity are, and then to implement this into training.”