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App-Based Instant Replay

Get instant access to video from multiple angles. Don’t wait until your practice or game is over to analyze and improve. Enjoy real-time video to replay and review close calls.

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Scoreboard Integration

Integrate your system to your physical scoreboard, allowing for digital scoreboard overlay during live streaming as well as pre-tagged events for video breakdown.

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Activities Page

All of your pickleball videos and data in one place. Review online from any device, anywhere in the world.

Player Development Tools

Next level analysis with easy-to-use app tools – biomechanical analysis, add audio annotations to clips, review in slo-mo and more.

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Create, Tag and Share

Create highlight videos or individualized coaching clips for your players, teams and more.



Watch multiple, synced angles of the same live stream. A second-screen experience, inside the same video player.


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Multi-Angle Video


Review your best plays and moments on-field or online
from PlaySight’s sport-specific camera angles.

Playsight Smartscore

Complete Score Integration

Automatically overlay a customizable digital scoreboard to your live stream and video.

SmartScore algorithms extract meaningful insights and statistics during play and tag all meaningful events for you to easily filter through in your account.

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Instant Replay / VAR

Whether you want to use multi-angle replay for instant technical review or to take your officiating to another level, our app based instant review is there for you.

On top of that, we allow for drawing and voice note capabilities each time you access this feature.


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What Our Clients Say About Us


“When we found PlaySight, we knew that the quality of video, the ease of access and ability to enhance our instructional programs would help us fulfill our mission and reinforce our brand positioning as providing the best pickleball experience anywhere.”
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