Our live streaming broadcasts rely on internet bandwidth.  There are many factors that can affect the quality of a live broadcast: your location, your network speed, type of connection and more.

If you are experiencing broadcast delays, freezes and buffers – this may be a result of one of the above.

If you are watching on a mobile device you can try and switch between Wi-Fi connection and 3/4G by your provider, to see if there is a difference. Also, try to notice the strength of the signal on your phone’s connection. If it is low, this is normally a reason for not being able to get a strong live stream quality broadcast.
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If you are watching on your home computer, try switching between Wi-Fi and cable connection. A low bandwidth plan or local network load may affect your ability to view the stream properly.

If you are unable to get a solid live stream when you have a strong internet signal and bandwidth, please contact our support for further assistance.