Get more from your game
with PlaySight live
streaming and video

Get more from your game with PlaySight live streaming and video

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Live Streaming &
On Demand Video

Watch your game in HD and Share your stream with friends and family. Access your game video after-the-fact to analyze, review and improve like the pros.


Create Your Own Highlight Videos

Use PlaySight video editing software to create your own videos – for social media or for college recruiters.

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Train Smarter With Video

Get access to the same technology used by the Golden State Warriors and over 60 NCAA athletic programs. Improve faster with PlaySight’s Smart sports video and analytics platform, built for the next generation of athletes.

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Save your own sports videos in the PlaySight cloud – without using up phone memory

Not playing on a SmartCourt? Record sports action on your phone from anywhere and save it to your PlaySight account in the cloud! Athletes (or their parents) can manage their entire sports career from the PlaySight app. Parents: capture every moment on video and simply upload it to the app. Delete it from your camera roll and still access it any time – 100% free.

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There’s a SmartCourt near you!

Download the PlaySight app

Unlock the full power of your SmartCourt system with the PlaySight app.

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Who we are

Founded in Israel, we are a global sports company connecting athletes, coaches, teams and facilities with the latest in video and analytics technology powered by AI and machine learning. Along the way, we’ve built a media platform that streams and saves thousands of hours of sports content each and every week.

What we do

Selected in both 2017 and 2018 by Fast Company as one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports, our Smart sports video and analytics platform is driving real change across all levels of sport.

The technology

We install high-performance cameras to capture all sports action, but the real power of our system is in the cloud – with instant video, automatic recording and analysis, full integration, content generation and more.

This is what gives our athletes, coaches and teams the PlaySight Edge.