SmartStudio Technology

Powered by computer vision, AI and proprietary algorithms, a SmartStudio is the only camera-based sports system to provide live streaming, video and analytics to dancers and teachers across the world

Live Streaming

Broadcast live streams of your dance practices and competitions in HD. Tune in to a PlaySight live stream to catch action from studios around the world

Your Activities

PlaySight SmartStudio sessions (with video and data) are stored safely within your personal account’s activities page. Review video, create highlight clips, and analyze your game from any device, anywhere in the world

Real Time Instant Replay

Get instant access to video from multiple angles. Don’t wait until your practice or competition is over to analyze your technique and improve. Break down and review video in the studio

Create and Share

Create your own highlight videos from your SmartStudio practices and competitions. Share with coaches, friends or on social media

Upload Your Own Videos

Don’t have access to a PlaySight SmartStudio? No problem. Upload your own dance video and save it on the PlaySight cloud. Save space on your mobile device and have all of your video in one place for easier management, review and analysis

Athlete Development Tools

Use drawing tools for technique and body position. Add audio annotations to clips for coaching and feedback. Review your moves in slo-mo and more – all within your activities page online or through the PlaySight app

“The kids think that PlaySight is the coolest thing ever, they feel like we’re living in the future. Their rate of growth has absolutely increased since we got PlaySight. So it’s almost like the rehearsal time doesn’t just end the moment they leave the studio, they can go home and get on their iPhone, or iPad, and watch it anytime they want.”

Lindsay White, Ensworth School, Head Dance Instructor

Get PlaySight In Your Pocket

Review your video and data from any device, and upload your own video to manage your entire sports career in one place

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