About Us


We are a global team passionate about sports, technology, and bringing the latest tools and developments to the PlaySight platform.

Whether you are an NBA player, a college coach or an aspiring junior in tennis – the PlaySight platform has something for you. Along the way, we have launched our own sports network – the PlaySight Sports Network, delivering hundreds of hours of live content each week.


Our platform is proven and used every day across all levels of sport, with thousands of teams and hundreds of thousands of athletes and fans across the world. We’ve been selected as one of the world’s most innovative companies in sports twice by Fast Company

We install high-performance fixed and portable cameras to capture all sports action, but the real power of our system is in the platform – with instant video, automatic recording and analysis, full integration, content generation and more.

This is what gives our athletes, coaches and teams the PlaySight Edge.


Our fixed and portable connected camera platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest in machine learning technology. By installing cameras around courts, fields, gyms and rinks, we make these sports facilities ‘Smart.’ The cameras and software provide several benefits to our athletes and users, including automated live streaming, multi-angle video, SmartTracker technology, instant replay, as well as tagging software, data and analytics.


The word connection is important to us. We’re connecting courts, fields, gyms and rinks around the world to the internet and our Smart sports platform

To truly connect sports you need to provide a level of flexibility and reach never tried before. This is what makes us unique. Our software does not need expensive hardware to run on, giving us the ability to deliver the same pro-level experience to athletes and coaches in 30+ sports in over 35 countries.

Sports are all about its main heroes: the athlete. Organizations, clubs, coaches, atheltes and fans are important to us and our platform provides affordable automated production, live streaming, coaching tools and fan engagement, but athlete insights are the fuel for the PlaySight engine.


TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: Through visual learning and analysis, We help athletes improve faster and play with more purpose and focus

TO HARNESS THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY FOR GOOD: By merging the desire for technology that today’s athlete has with their passion for sport, we’re connecting their physical and digital worlds and bringing them together

TO DEMOCRATIZE SPORTS: PlaySight athletes live stream, create, save and share their sports content with friends, fans and on social media. We give our users their own media channels to take their careers to the next level

TO INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE: We’re getting young athletes off of the couch and onto courts, fields and gyms by making sports more engaging, challenging, and ultimately fun


If you are interested in working at PlaySight, check out our careers page. We are all over the world, quite literally. Offices in Israel (just outside of Tel Aviv) serve as our technology and R&D HQ. We have a US office in New Jersey, minutes from Manhattan. And the rest of our team is wherever sports are being played – from Atlanta to Los Angeles and Australia to Germany.