The Fairfield University Stags are set to become the latest NCAA tennis program to add PlaySight’s video platform to its tennis program. We spoke to the school’s Deputy Athletic Director Zach Dayton about the decision-making process that led to the PlaySight partnership, as well as the department’s vision and goals for broadcasts and live streaming technology.

The tennis programs for Fairfield compete in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) within the NCAA’s Division 1.

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Why did your program decide to make the investment in PlaySight?


Dayton: “Our athletics department decided to invest in PlaySight for two reasons: we wanted to provide a strong broadcast experience for our men’s and women’s tennis matches, as our programs recruit internationally and we want to make sure that families, friends, alumni and fans have access to watch the Stags compete on the court. Additionally, our coaching staff will use PlaySight to review film with current student-athletes which is a major enhancement for skill development.

What role does live streaming play in today’s collegiate sports world?


Technology has been a major focus of investment at Fairfield recently, like most athletic departments across the country. “The Fairfield Athletics department has emphasized video and broadcast technology across many of our varsity sports in recent years. We are fortunate to invest in many emerging technologies through the philanthropic support we receive from Alumni, parents and friends of each program,” continued Dayton. “On the broadcast side, those investments have created more access for our fans than ever before. Those same investments have increased viewership and allows our broadcasts to showcase how special the Fairfield University community is. Technology related to film review has become essential for many programs to emphasize skill development as well.”

Do you think PlaySight will enhance your program’s ability to recruit?


Dayton expects PlaySight and its automated live streaming technology to pave the way for additional recruiting opportunities. “Prior to our partnership with PlaySight, recruits would typically have to be on campus to view multiple tennis matches at one time. Additionally, alumni and friends of the program can now watch online as both programs compete for conference championships,” concluded Dayton.

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