For the first time in the French ice hockey history, fans will be able to watch all games live and follow all the teams playing in the Synerglace Ligue Magnus with an automatic multi-angle camera system provided by PlaySight, a global sports technology company.

PlaySight’s state-of-the-art AI and connected camera ‘Smart’ sports technology will help Fanseat and the FFHG take the broadcasts of the Synerglace Ligue Magnus to a new level with automated production and automatic tracking. Additionally, PlaySight will provide automatic scoring and data, as well as VAR/instant video replay technology to FFHG officials – the same replay capabilities that the National Hockey League debuted a few seasons ago. PlaySight’s technology will also give Synerglace Ligue Magnus coaches and athletes with pro-level real-time performance analysis tools and technology in games.

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Jean-Maël Gineste, Managing Director at Fanseat:

“The extension of our partnership with the FFHG for another five years and the integration of PlaySight to support our production and development plans with new technology and state-of-the-art production solutions sends a strong message to the sports industry and the fans about Fanseat and Spring Media’s ambitions. The Synerglace Ligue Magnus and our partnership with the FFHG have been a focus for us since the international development of Fanseat three years ago, and we would like to thank the FFHG and the whole French ice hockey community and its fans for their on-going support over the years.”

Luc Tardif, President of the FFHG:

“Within the overall Synerglace Ligue Magnus development project, putting in place a streaming solution for all the games with Fanseat is a breakthrough for us.  Extending the agreement and incorporating PlaySight is a huge step forward. PlaySight’s Smart AI and connected camera technology will improve the streaming experience for our fans and will provide additional tools to clubs, coaches and referees. The entire hockey family will benefit from this new collaboration and we are very enthusiastic about it.”

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