[Boston, MA – May 13, 2024] — PlaySight, a global leader in sports technology, and Cracked Racquets, a full-service broadcast media company, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the broadcasting experience in racquet sports.

This collaboration brings together PlaySight’s cutting-edge AI video technology and Cracked Racquets’ innovative approach to content creation. The partnership is set to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before.

PlaySight and Cracked Racquets are poised to revolutionize the collegiate tennis landscape through their innovative partnership aimed at scaling TV-quality production to collegiate tennis programs, college conferences and tournaments worldwide, with a specific focus on the US collegiate tennis market. 

From broadcasting together on ESPN, PlaySight, Cracked Racquets’ YouTube Channel, and conference networks, viewers can expect a comprehensive viewing experience featuring the next generation of existing PlaySight single-camera systems with multi-angle views, replays, rich graphics, match highlights, commentary, and engaging other content.

This strategic alliance not only enhances the spectator experience but also provides invaluable exposure for collegiate athletes and teams, fostering a deeper appreciation for the sport at the collegiate level. By leveraging PlaySight’s cutting-edge technology and Cracked Racquets’ expertise in tennis coverage, this collaboration promises to elevate the visibility and coverage of collegiate tennis to unprecedented levels.

“We are excited to partner with Cracked Racquets,” said Chen Shachar, CEO of PlaySight. “Our shared vision for the future of racquet sports broadcasting, combined with our advanced technology, will provide fans with a unique and immersive viewing experience.”

The partnership will leverage PlaySight’s SmartCourt AI technology, which provides multi-angle video and proprietary analytics to enhance both player performance and fan engagement. Cracked Racquets will contribute their CrossCourt Cast broadcasting software, expertise in content creation and their deep understanding of the racquet sports community. 

“This partnership with PlaySight aligns perfectly with our mission at Cracked Racquets,” said Dalton Thieneman, CEO of Cracked Racquets. “Alex Gruskin, Daniel Westhoff, and our entire team are committed to increasing the quality and quantity of college tennis coverage to continue growing the sport within the wider tennis ecosystem. With PlaySight’s technology, we can take our CrossCourt Cast coverage to the next level and expand into the greater racquet sports community.”

More details about the partnership and its impact on the future of racquet sports broadcasting will be shared in the coming weeks.

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About PlaySight

PlaySight is a global sports technology company that improves performance and experiences through automated video and analytics solutions. They are revolutionizing the world of sports through their AI-powered platform.

About Cracked Racquets

Cracked Racquets is a full-service broadcast media company dedicated to providing fans with up-to-date news, analysis, and content through broadcasting, podcasting, play-by-play commentary, and event hosting. CR is transforming the way fanatical fans follow racquet sports through their CrossCourt Cast coverage.