Orlando, FL – Today marks a groundbreaking moment as Magnus Sports Group, a trailblazer in optical tracking and analytics for baseball and softball, partners with PlaySight, the foremost provider of automated video solutions in sports. This collaboration is set to transform broadcasting and player development with an unprecedented integration of data and video technologies.

Renowned for its Yakkertech optical tracking system, Magnus Sports Group enhances player performance and strategic insights through detailed ball flight data. PlaySight stands out with its cutting-edge instant replay and broadcasting capabilities, designed to elevate training and viewing experiences across sports disciplines. Their combined efforts now serve over 250 esteemed college and professional organizations.

This partnership introduces a holistic analysis toolkit, merging real-time, multi-angle video with comprehensive ball flight metrics. PlaySight’s instant replay technology allows for seamless video reviews, enhancing the accuracy of game decisions and providing fans with engaging game highlights. This synergy not only automates broadcasting for baseball and softball entities but also enriches player coaching, offering a dual view of mechanics and metrics that is unparalleled in the industry.

PlaySight provides unparalleled chances for revenue generation and exposure by broadcasting directly to major sports networks such as ESPN and FloBaseball, or by seamlessly integrating advertising into the live feed using its own delivery network. The Pro+ package from Magnus Sports Group, integrating PlaySight’s capabilities, empowers any institution to transition from no technology to a comprehensive broadcasting and analytics setup virtually overnight. This transformative package will be available to all institutions beginning in the fall of 2024.

Brian Victorero, CEO of Magnus Sports Group, highlighted the transformative impact of this integration. “While our Yakkertech system provides deep insights, the true narrative of a game is best understood through video. This partnership ensures our users receive an unmatched integrated solution, allowing new teams to adopt a full Statcast-like system affordably.”

Matt Gibson, Director of PlaySight North America, concurred, emphasizing the added value to existing and future partnerships. “Integrating Yakkertech’s innovative ball tracking with our state-of-the-art video capabilities doesn’t just enhance user experience— it democratizes advanced technology, making top-tier innovations accessible at competitive prices.”

Magnus Sports Group will incorporate PlaySight’s advanced capabilities into their “Pro+” offerings, creating a seamless, integrated package available for the 2024 fall season. This initiative promises to set a new standard in sports technology integration, focusing on affordability and comprehensive coverage.

For further details on what this partnership means for the future of baseball and softball technology, visit PlaySight and Magnus Sports Group.

About Magnus Sports Group

Magnus captures, solutions, and moves data for the diamond sports industry, combining next-generation hardware, extensible software, and unforgettable service to propel the game and those that play it forward. Magnus products — Yakkertech, BaseballCloud, and SoftballCloud — bring data to life and provide innovative solutions across player development, coaching, scouting, analysis, and fan engagement. Magnus is trusted by over 200 colleges and professional organizations as an official data partner. For more, visit: seemagnus.com

About PlaySight

A global authority in sports video technology, PlaySight specializes in enhancing how sports are played, coached, and viewed, with a focus on both developmental and broadcast applications.