Which college tennis programs have added PlaySight this summer?

The best college coaches and players have been busy recruiting, training, and playing all over the country (and world) this summer as they gear up for another school season, and PlaySight has been equally busy bringing more SmartCourts – including their new PLAY product – to programs. Here are a few of the latest college tennis programs to add SmartCourt technology to their home facilities:

University of Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns are adding 12 SmartCourt LIVE courts to their new home tennis facility. PlaySight’s SmartCourt LIVE provides video analysis and HD live streaming – something that Texas is looking forward to adding as they want to broadcast their matches to a large national and international fan and alumni base.

University of Arizona Wildcats

The Wildcats are adding two SmartCourt PRO courts and four SmartCourt LIVE courts to their tennis facility. The SmartCourt PRO is PlaySight’s five-camera system that provides an all-in-one analytics and video platform for training and matches, and the additional LIVE courts will enable the Wildcats to record video and stream all home duals and matches.

University of Florida Gators

The Gators are adding one SmartCourt PRO and five SmartCourt LIVE courts. Like Arizona, they will be using the PRO court for training and high-level analytics and analytics, while the additional courts will record video and ensure that all matches – including those from the 2017 National Champion women’s squad – are streamed to fans, friends, and alumni.

Brown University Bears

The Bears are one of the first colleges adding PlaySight’s new PLAY product – a hybrid of the PRO and LIVE. The main reason that PlaySight created this middle-ground technology was to enable PlayFair video review challenges. The PLAY courts don’t have the full analytics and tracking capabilities of the PRO, but they will enable Brown (and other schools) with video replay (tablet and mobile-based) for real-time analysis and video challenges in duals.

William & Mary Tribe

The Tribe are equipping their facility with the same set-up as Florida – one SmartCourt PRO and five SmartCourt LIVE courts. Jeff Kader, the men’s tennis head coach, expects PlaySight to have a big impact on Tribe tennis. “The William and Mary tennis programs are very excited to work with PlaySight.  The analytical component will allow us to truly break down each player’s technique and movement, and is a tremendous learning opportunity for our players.  Also, with the live streaming and play back capability, our players, alumni, and parents are able to watch all of our matches.  PlaySight allows our teams to stay connected to the Tribe Tennis community in a way that wasn’t available before.  We are looking forward to utilizing all that PlaySight has to offer.”

University of the Ozarks Eagles

The Eagles are adding two SmartCourt PRO courts and six SmartCourt LIVE courts to their new facility in Clarksville, Arkansas. Jimmy Clark, the Director of Athletics, is very excited to add PlaySight technology to the tennis program. “PlaySight will be a tremendous addition to our new courts. Collegiate athletes today are visual learners. Our athletes will be able to view the kiosk and make immediate adjustments to their game. This will allow our coaches to utilize fantastic technology to its fullest and help our athletes improve their games on a daily basis. PlaySight is state-of-the-art in the tennis industry and will have a positive impact on our program. With PlaySight, I think we will have one of the best, if not the best tennis facility in Arkansas.”

Stay tuned for more from PlaySight, especially on the PlayFair front – there are plans to bring video review challenges to many more tournaments and duals this season. If you want to find out more information, visit www.playsight.com.