We are pleased today to announce an integrated technology partnership with Rhineland Tennis Federation (Tennis Verband Rheinland, or TVR), a leading tennis federation and academy in Germany. Through this partnership, Connexa Sports (our parent company) will become the Federation’s ‘Official Tennis Analytics Partner,’ as well as bring its suite of technologies and products to the nearly 40,000 coaches and members. This roll-out includes connected camera systems for pro-level live streaming and performance video, ball launchers for training and on-court work, and AI capabilities for personalized biomechanical and match play analysis.

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“This is our first major, integrated Connexa Sports partnership with several of our portfolio brands, products, and technologies, and shows the variety of ways we help to serve the sport of tennis, particularly at the coaching and high-performance level,” said Connexa Sports CEO Mike Ballardie. “We look forward to working with the TVR coaches and its playing members to further build out our tennis analytics and ensure that our products and technologies continue to meet the demands of today’s tennis enthusiast.”

Besides its large membership base of close to 40,000 tennis players, TVR is well-known in Germany for its quality coaching and development of young tennis players between the ages of 6 and 18. Head coach Sascha Müller has a long history of working closely with junior tennis players, as well as professionals playing on the ATP and WTA Tours. Besides the highly-regarded junior tennis program, TVR also started its own tennis academy in 2018 to work with players who are already playing on the ITF and ATP Challenger Tour to give them the best possible training base between tournaments and in the off-season.

“We are thrilled to take our tennis federation and academy to new levels with Connexa Sports,” said TVR Managing Director Lothar Markus. “Our coaches are excited to add these new capabilities to their on-court work and our player development process as a whole. From video, individualized analytics to Slinger ball launchers for training, we look forward to working with the Connexa Sports team to maximize the performance and achievements of our players.”

“I am very familiar with both the PlaySight technology and Slinger Ball Launchers, and have many ideas for how these will enhance TVR,” said TVR Head Tennis Coach Sascha Müller. “Analyzing opponents, reviewing matches and getting insights from that, as well as just visual feedback during coaching sessions will only further enhance our coaching as well.”

“We are looking to this exciting new partnership as a blueprint for how Connexa Sports works with commercial leaders and federations across the sport of tennis,” continued Ballardie. “We have so much to offer all levels of tennis, all with the stated goal of increasing performance, accessibility and enjoyment in tennis.”