This week we feature the great sport of Lacrosse, one of the 30+ sports worldwide which are powered by PlaySight Smart sports AI technology. You may be surprised to find out that lacrosse was originated as a tribal game played by Cherokee, Iroquois, and Onondaga Native American tribes in the region now occupied by the US and Canada.

For that reason, it is considered the oldest sport in North America, dating back to the 1500s. One of the earliest reasons lacrosse was played was to settle disputes and prevent war between nations.

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The name Lacrosse is believed to have been given by French settlers who thought that the stick looked like the staff carried by their Bishops at church, called a crozier. The settlers watched the Indigenous people playing their game and called it “la crosse”. Europeans continued to modify the game over the years to make it much more alike the game played today.

PlaySight is proud to power several lacrosse programs across the country. Leading prep schools like Brewster Academy, Bridgton Academy, Loomis Chaffee, Ravenscroft and many others have been enjoying the PlaySight Edge through thousands of hours of video over the years. Check out how Santa Margarita has been using our technology for lacrosse and many other sports.

One of our key technology advantages is our system’s ability to provide tracking and pro-level video for multiple sports from the same venue. Lacrosse often shares a field with football and soccer, so most of our clients are able to utilize PlaySight across several of their athletic programs.

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts. If you didn’t know, now you know!

If you are still curious about PlaySight technology for lacrosse, check out our dedicated lacrosse web page.