Furman University’s tennis program added PlaySight last year for live streaming and player development/performance. we recently chatted with men’s tennis head coach Kelly Jones to get his thoughts on the system and how his team has benefitted from it.

What impact has PlaySight technology had on your program?Kelly Jones 2012 5 Https://Playsight.com

PlaySight is the leader in our industry for live streaming matches and practices. Having this technology at our fingertips allows us to analyze practices and matches, build a library and reference point of improvements, quickly and easily view and monitor results, allow parents and private coaches to watch and is a huge asset in the recruiting game.

What feature of the system has provided the biggest benefit to you?

Having the flexibility to record one court, several courts or all courts provides a much-needed ease of access for coaches and players. The QR codes, which hang on each court, allow any player to start live streaming on a specific court from their smartphone – it’s been absolutely amazing.

What would you say to another college program looking at PlaySight?

Every club, academy and college tennis program should invest in PlaySight.  It has all the innovation necessary to help coaches teach in a way never presented before.