Our Smart sports platform will be featured on the new online SportsEngine Marketplace, a platform featuring sports-related applications and services for parents, tournament organizers, leagues and athletes.

PlaySight technology was created to improve athletic performance through visual learning and analysis and to connect the next generation of athletes with best-in-class technology. Our autonomous live streaming, video and analytics platform is powered by AI and deep learning and is currently integrated with 26 sports and in over 20 countries.

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PlaySight CEO, Chen Shachar:

“We are giving today’s athlete the tools to improve faster and enjoy sports more. That’s our driving focus. But along the way, we have developed and expanded our core technology to bring value to all areas of sport – from affordable live streaming and broadcasting to monetization and sponsorship opportunities for teams, leagues and sports facilities to enhanced sportsmanship and fair play with our PlayFair video replay. We’re also strengthening the bond that athletes have with their parents, friends, fans and ultimately their sports careers – whether that means playing at the collegiate or professional level or simply enjoying sport for its many positive developmental benefits.”

Rick Ehrman, SportsEngine Vice President of Corporate Development:

“We are thrilled to welcome PlaySight Interactive to the SportsEngine Marketplace. “Their cutting-edge sports video and analytics technology provides sports facilities and leagues with everything they need to capture the excitement of youth sports in action. With a full suite of video capabilities, including “on and off court” athlete development through automated player and ball tracker, PlaySight is a perfect complement to the SportsEngine platform.”

As mentioned, PlaySight’s Smart sports platform connects teams and athletes with their families and fans, in both real-time with live streaming and multi-angle video replay and after-action, with an on-demand video platform and sport-specific analytics and tagging software.

With fixed, permanent cameras installed, PlaySight is a turnkey and affordable solution for facilities, teams, leagues and coaches.