Opened in February 2022, Travis Fields at Travis Bryan Midtown Park was developed as part of the master plan for the City of Bryan. Tapping into a ripe youth and amateur sports market, these fields will change the landscape of baseball and softball in Central Texas. This facility will drive sports tourism to the area and continue to expand its number of fields whilst being a resource hosting Little League each year.

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Travis Fields is managed by RCI Sports Management Solutions, and we talked with Scott Hillier, their Director of Operations, to get an understanding of their goals for this complex and why they chose PlaySight as their technology partner.

RCI strives to be different than large, impersonal sports facilities management companies who operate under the “seat ‘em and feed ‘em” mentality. Their holistic approach to management allows for collaboration with and integration into the community. Owners are also involved as operators who provide a direct, hands-on approach to tournament logistics, facilities/retail management and operations. 

How do you foresee PlaySight impacting your fans, players, coaches, and staff at your facility? 

Hillier: “In our first three months of operation we have seen over 84% of our teams come from out of the region and this is driving sports tourism for Bryan Texas. PlaySight will give us the ability to expand this reach even further to connect the mom, dad, grandparents, siblings and friends who couldn’t make the journey and showcase Travis Fields and the top level competition.”

What kind of experience are you looking to deliver at Travis Fields? 

Hillier: “RCI Sports Management strives to offer an experience above the rest. We don’t just want to be another facility where tournament directors get the keys and are left to do it all. We offer premier facilities and allow our tournament directors to offer a product over and above the rest and PlaySight will expand on this offering.”

What role does technology play in your business? 

Hillier: “The industry is quickly trending to include more and more technology. RCI Sports Management is looking to utilize this technology to increase our value proposition to our current partners, allow teams, players, coaches, parents to seek footage to capture memories and video of those greatest moments.”