“We want to try to innovate. And this is an opportunity to do that. And just from a competition structure standpoint, obviously everything that we’re going to have to do around game operations… there’s going to be a lot of innovation there.”

Chris Ebersole on the NBA’s restart in Orlando

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In this week’s episode of The Edge, we caught up with Chris Ebersole from the NBA.

Chris has a lot on his plate at the league as the Senior Director of both Elite Basketball and International Basketball Operations. We talked about:

We discussed:

  • His thoughts around the NBA bubble and restart
  • The history of Basketball without Borders and the impact it has had on the game
  • His favorite international prospects for this years draft
  • The importance of the NBA All-Star Game and Global Games
  • How the NBA Academy creates tangible hopes and dreams for players all over the world
  • The NBA’s partnership with HomeCourt

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On this Episode


On Basketball Without Borders:

“Basketball without Borders is really the foundation for us in terms of international basketball operations and what the NBA does all over the world.”

Using technology connecting with athletes during COVID:

With the pandemic hitting and only being able to engage virtually with the majority of our athletes for the last several months, it has been, really a lifesaver in a lot of ways for us just to be able to use that technology.”

NBA Global Academy and the impact it has had:

“So we now have six academies all over the world. We want to develop them (players) as citizens and as leaders as well. And so developing their life skills and their communication skills, their leadership skills.”