We are thrilled today to announce our latest partnership in collegiate tennis, welcoming Trinity University’s tennis program, led by Head Coaches Russell McMindes (men’s tennis) and Andrew Cohn (women’s tennis) to PlaySight. The Tigers student-athletes, coaches, fans and alumni will soon have access to our widely-used and leading live streaming and performance video platform for collegiate tennis. Trinity University will be one of only a handful of D3 tennis programs with PlaySight’s PRO system on all 12 of its tennis courts, including two cameras per court for multi-angle replay, training breakdowns and player analysis in addition to live streaming.

There are now close to 100 NCAA tennis programs that trust PlaySight for their live streaming and performance video needs, and we recently sat down with both coaches to discuss why their program decided to make this investment, and how they intend to use PlaySight with their student-athletes and recruits.

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Why did Trinity University decide to make the investment in PlaySight?


McMindes: As coaches, we have been familiar with the PlaySight product since it established itself on college campuses around the country and have been looking for the appropriate timing and opportunity to incorporate it into our facilities.  We know PlaySight is the leader and standard in video technology for our sport and could provide the most comprehensive solution to both live streaming and coaching tools for our programs.  We are fortunate to have visionaries in administration who genuinely value our input and want to provide us with the resources necessary for Trinity to provide an elite experience in all facets.  Combine that with the financial generosity of a supportive alumni base and we were ready to make the investment.

Cohn: PlaySight has become the standard for elite tennis facilities across the nation. We are fortunate to have tremendous administrative support that are committed to striving for excellence in all areas. We’ve wanted to keep up with the technological developments and continue to create the best student-athlete experiences possible. With the generous financial support from alumni and the backing of administration, the timing was perfect for this opportunity.

How do you plan to use the video technology in your coaching?


McMindes: PlaySight has always provided exceptional opportunities to implement video analysis into our coaching methods.  We are extremely fortunate to fund the PlaySight PRO installment allowing for real time playback.  This will be invaluable for coaching during practices rather than waiting for post-practice analysis.  We will also use it extensively for post-match analysis.  This is the most exciting advancement we’ve made for our programs.

Cohn: PlaySight will provide us a more efficient tool to provide video analysis to our players, both in real-time and post-practice and matches. For visual learners, this is an invaluable asset and will help play a tremendous role in player development. As a coach, I could not be more excited to share this opportunity with our players.

What role does live streaming play in today’s collegiate sports world?


McMindes: Live streaming has become the expectation in college sports.  Regardless of level, the live streaming allows for extensive reach for our programs to current families, alumni, and friends of the program.  It creates a connection to many generations and supporters.  It is a critical component for community connection and is now a standard for most universities who have invested in the student-athlete experience.

Cohn: Live streaming has become a huge part of all college athletics, and the student-athlete experience, including tennis. The capability and quality of broadcasting is improving at a dramatic rate year-over-year and allows alumni, families, and friends to remain engaged with the team from anywhere in the world.

Do you think PlaySight will enhance your program’s ability to recruit?


McMindes: PlaySight will absolutely enhance our ability to recruit.  The student-athlete experience is a massive component to the recruiting process.  Technology, equipment, facilities, and resources are critical to that experience.  Providing the ability for our players to connect to their families at home will also open the door for broader recruitment reach.  Being able to advertise this commitment to excellence and player development will be invaluable.

Cohn: PlaySight will be an excellent tool in our recruitment process. It represents a university commitment to excellence and maintaining a facility that is among the best in the country. It provides greater opportunities for player development and will be extremely helpful for out-of-state recruits in allowing their families to still follow their play.

What does it mean for your school + program to be able to add the same technology used by over 80% of the top 25 programs in the nation?


McMindes: Adding PlaySight to our facilities provides validation that we are a nationally elite program and university.  It shows Trinity’s commitment to our coaches and players by ensuring they have the resources necessary to be successful at the highest level. Trinity University is an elite and prestigious university and becoming the first and only D3 program to incorporate PlaySight PRO, firmly plants us where we belong.

Cohn: Adding PlaySight to our facility fosters a great sense of pride. We already had a tremendous tennis complex but are taking the steps necessary to be the standard at the highest level. Trinity University provides elite academic and athletic opportunities. Adding PlaySight furthers this mission and sends a message of the strength of our tennis programs across the nation.