We are thrilled to work with close to 100 NCAA tennis programs across all levels of the sport. Many of our longtime customers have recently extended their partnerships with us, and in the case of Wake Forest University, have also expanded their PlaySight coverage to bring pro-level video and live streaming to more tennis courts, both at their indoor and outdoor tennis facilities.

We talked with Women’s Tennis Head Coach Jeff Wyshner to get his thoughts on PlaySight, and what technology and streaming means for his student-athletes, alumni and program at large.

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What does live streaming mean for your tennis program? And, how does it help the team connect with your community and alumni?

“PlaySight’s live streaming gives friends, family, alums and recruits the highest quality streaming of college matches.  For those too far away to attend every match, it allows for the connection with our players and our program to be maintained and even grow from afar.”

What role does video play in coaching in the sport of tennis?

“Having the ability to record something at practice with just a few clicks was a key aspect of our decision to upgrade our streaming to PlaySight.  Having access to all of our home matches and any practices gives us a much greater ability to review what is happening on court and to share it easily with the players in a way that lets them delve into it from anywhere and at any time, and that’s really important for college players who have such busy schedules much of the day.”

How does your program use PlaySight on a daily basis?

“On a daily basis, we love being able to record on a moment’s notice.  It is also really helpful when we are teaching a new concept or emphasizing a particular pattern to be able to give the players the opportunity to look at video from that day’s practice later at night.”

Is PlaySight something that helps with recruiting?

“I feel that our having 8 indoor and 6 outdoor courts all with PlaySight is a great indication of the commitment that Wake Forest has to the tennis programs, and that is certainly something recruits should be trying to judge in the schools they are considering.  Wake believes in supporting all of its student-athletes across 18 sports to give each player the opportunity to have the best possible experience and to develop to the greatest possible extent.  That we have the standard in live streaming and coach’s tape for college tennis is part of that!”

Why did your program decide to add PlaySight to your outdoor courts as well?

“We added PlaySight to our 6 outdoor courts a year after we installed indoors.  With the benefits we saw in terms of quality of streaming experience as well as how much easier it was to use as a coach, I couldn’t imagine dealing with a different, lesser set-up outside.”

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