WASHINGTON, DC (April 29th, 2021) – PlaySight Interactive (www.playsight.com), a leading global sports video technology platform, is thrilled today to announce a new partnership with the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation (www.wtef.org), a nonprofit educational and tennis organization in Washington, DC dedicated to building life champions through tennis and academic excellence.

WTEF’s President & CEO John Borden is looking forward to the positive impact PlaySight technology will have on WTEF students and its tennis community. “With PlaySight, we can actively empower our students to take greater responsibility for their training and build connections with collegiate coaches.” PlaySight has an established footprint across college tennis, with over 100 programs using the platform daily in practices and matches. WTEF will offer its students an opportunity to get familiar with the technology that they will be using at the next level if they are given an opportunity to play collegiately.

When it comes to the coaching staff, Borden added: “Our coaches’ impact will be reinforced with PlaySight and its tools, helping them to build curated progress reports based on individual students’ developmental journeys while maintaining a high level of engagement and motivation with features like gamified group lessons and real-time video analysis.”