This can happen for two reasons. One: you are not logged into your account, and two: your subscription has ended or is for a different PlaySight facility.

If you are still within the period of your subscription, please make sure you are logged into the site by looking at the top right corner of the Live & On-Demand page.

If you see the sign in / sign up button, it means that you are not logged in:

Signinup Https://

If you are logged in, you should see your initials and profile image:
Screen Shot 2018 06 28 At 11.24.54 Https://

If you are logged in and still unable to watch the subscription-only stream, your subscription may have ended or was for a different facility.

An indication for an active subscription would be a blue “SUBSCRIBED” button replacing the green “SUBSCRIBE TO LIVE.”

No subscription:
Subscribetolive Https://

Active subscription
Subscribed Https://

If the problem still persists, you can contact our support team for assistance.