Purdue was the first NCAA school to install PlaySight in their basketball practice facility (in early 2016). Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams use it in each and every training session. Entering the 2017-2018 season, the Purdue Boilermakers Men’s Basketball team has been ranked in the AP Top 25 for 39 straight weeks, the seventh-longest active streak in the country.

Matthew Layman – Director of Player Development & Video Coordinator

“The live replay feature was a big sell for our program to be able to teach players at the moment mistakes are made. Technology, if working properly, can be useful because it allows a different way to teach and instruct. The old coaching saying ‘don’t tell me show me,’ works in reverse in this situation.

PlaySight has been used mainly for on court replays, as well as when we put new plays in, we show the girls plays from multiple angles. My favorite feature would have to be the instant replay.”

Nick Terruso – Director of Video Services

“We were looking for another way to have video available for review and analysis with our team and players, so it was a good opportunity to partner with PlaySight. PlaySight gives you the opportunity to visually show what is being done correctly and incorrectly. It gives coaches an opportunity to use it as a tool for players that are visual learners, and helps you correct issues as they happen instead of days later.

Before installing PlaySight we would use other cameras in our facility and record directly to our laptop. We were limited to using one camera at a time even though there might be more action going on in the practice. We mainly use PlaySight during practices and individual workouts. It is located in our practice gym, so that is where we use it. My favorite feature about PlaySight is the ability to to get the video on my phone later. It helps if you are discussing something that happened and you have the ability to go find it, clip it, and send it to another person.”

Purdue Website Https://Playsight.com

The PlaySight website stores all practice and training sessions.

Purdue Https://Playsight.com

Purdue’s SmartCourt PRO has a courtside monitor for instant video replay and analysis.

App 1 Https://Playsight.com

The mobile video editor is used to create clips to share with the players and other coaches.

Purdue 3 Https://Playsight.com

Basketball App 3 Https://Playsight.com

The PlaySight app is a powerful video review and coaching tool for the Boilermakers.