Woodberry Forest, VA (October 9, 2019) – Woodberry Forest School (WFS) is set to become the latest prep school to add PlaySight’s Smart AI and connected camera sports video technology to its athletic facilities and campus. The Tigers athletic coaches and student-athletes will soon benefit from PlaySight’s pro-level video and performance tools, and the school’s student body, family, parents and alumni will be able to tune in and follow along through PlaySight’s live streaming and automated broadcast production capabilities. WFS joins leading high school programs powered by PlaySight across the nation, including Santa Margarita, Brewster Academy, Trinity-Pawling and Choate Rosemary Hall.

“We chose PlaySight to give us the video access not only for families to watch their sons, nephews, brothers, and grandsons compete in athletics, but also to give prospective families an inside view of our athletic programs.”

Athletic Director Matt Blundin shared what adding PlaySight means to Woodberry Forest. “We have students from all regions of the United States and the world. We realize that our students, now more than ever, are in regular contact with their families and friends via technology.  The one area in which we are emerging as a school is in our ability to share athletic events with our families in real-time. Our student-run broadcasting system, WFSPN, provides a robust menu of games via audio channels on the internet and a few through streaming.”

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Alumni engagement is another reason why many top high school and prep programs are going with PlaySight. “Our audience of families, alumni and potential students will benefit greatly from our agreement with PlaySight,” said Blundin. “We have an amazingly dedicated alumni community who already support Woodberry with an unmatched passion. Access to live games will only strengthen alumni ties to their alma mater.”

WFS is a boarding school, and the ability to connect students to their parents, friends, family and homes was also a factor in this technology investment. “We believe that PlaySight will also play an important role in our families’ experiences for the four years their sons are left in our care. Choosing a boarding school is an extremely personal and important process. Each detail a school can connect families to the mission of the school only makes that decision more personal and meaningful.”

“We believe PlaySight will add real value to that decision-making process as it will afford families the opportunity to see our mission in action,” stated Blundin.

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