All-In-One Tennis Technology

We installed the first SmartCourt back in 2014 and now have hundreds across the tennis world – with the top athletes, schools, academies, clubs and federations in the sport. Powered by the latest in computer vision, AI and machine learning technology, a SmartCourt is the only camera-based sports system to provide live streaming, multi-angle video and analytics

Live Streaming

Broadcast live streams of your tennis practices, games and matches in HD. Tune in to a PlaySight live stream to catch tennis action from over 60 NCAA tennis programs, the USTA National Campus and other leading facilities from across the tennis world

Your Activities

PlaySight SmartCourt sessions (with video and data) are stored safely within your personal account’s activities page. Review video, create highlight clips, and analyze your game from any device (mobile, tablet, computer), anywhere in the world

Data & Analytics From Your Drills and Matches

With the SmartCourt PRO, every serve and stroke is tracked and tagged by type, speed, spin and more. Get an instant overview of your performance with the 3D Shot Spot map, and break down every point with automatically generated analytics, percentages and performance data

Athlete Development Tools

Use drawing tools for positioning, strategy and tactics. Add audio annotations to clips for coaching and feedback. Review your best shots in slo-mo and more – all within your activities page online or through the PlaySight app

Tag Your Video

Break down and analyze your own tennis video easily and instantly. Save time and improve faster with more valuable video – all within the PlaySight platform

Multi-Angle Video & Synced Cameras

Multiangle cameras
Multiangle cameras

All PlaySight action is captured by our high-performance cameras – at the best angles for tennis. Tennis SmartCourts have anywhere from a single camera (the SmartCourt LIVE) up to 10 cameras (the SmartCourt PRO High Performance)

Our cameras also communicate and sync with each other for a seamless real-time and after-action multi-angle viewing experience

Create and Share

Create your own highlight videos and recruiting packages from your PlaySight matches and practice sessions. Share with coaches, friends or on social media

create and share tennis

Upload Your Own Videos

Don’t have access to a PlaySight SmartCourt? No problem. Upload your own tennis video and save it on the PlaySight cloud. Save space on your mobile device and have all of your tennis video in one place for easier management, review and analysis

Real Time Instant Replay

Get instant access to video from multiple angles. Don’t wait until your practice, training session or match is over to analyze your game and improve

Gamify Your Drills

Improve faster with gamified tennis drills. Customize the SmartCourt to suit your playing style – set different goals, target zones and more. Build and save your own drills or choose from ones created by world-class coaches like Darren Cahill and Paul Annacone

PlayFair Challenge System

Challenge your opponents & officials with instant video replay from the PlayFair system, which runs on our SmartCourt PRO (kiosk) and SmartCourt PLAY (tablet) systems. Officials can easily manage video replay from multiple courts through the PlayFair app

The video doesn’t lie: improve sportsmanship and reduce bad line calls with PlayFair video replay technology

“PlaySight is a simplistic way to get very complex and valuable information to you to use. As a coach, it doesn’t replace you. It adds to your value. It gives you the technique, it gives you the strategy, and then you have the video. And when you put all of those things together, it makes for the complete recipe to help the player get better.”

Paul Annacone, Former Coach of Roger Federer and Pete Sampras

“Kids today are visual learners. When I bring a recruit here, we walk up into the stands, and most of the time I don’t even have to say anything about PlaySight. They go, wow what are all the cameras doing out here? In college tennis, in the recruiting battles, if you’re not live streaming, if you don’t have analytics, if you don’t have a PlaySight SmartCourt, somebody else does.”

PlaySight, it is the future. This technology allows us to connect not only to our youth, but also really grow and develop and teach the game of tennis. This gives us a tool we’ve never had before.”

“I am thrilled to be involved with a company that is bringing such cutting edge technology to grow the sport of tennis at all levels – from the grassroots to college to professionals. PlaySight is getting kids and adults excited about tennis in new ways.”

Billie Jean King, Tennis Icon & Former World #1 Player

“I’ve been coaching on the ATP and WTA tours for the last 20 years and never before have we had access to the analytics and high-performance technology that PlaySight offers.”

Darren Cahill, ESPN Tennis Analyst, Former Coach to Simona Halepn & Andre Agassi

“I think PlaySight is only going to encourage more kids to pick up a racket and give tennis a try. All levels of tennis players can benefit from training Smarter with PlaySight’s analytics, instant video, fair play line calling and gamified tennis training.”

Ana Ivanovic, Tennis Legend, Former WTA #1 Ranked Player

“The PlaySight system, including the app on the iPhone, is so good for the kids. They can go into the app, look at the highlights, look at the way they played, show it to their parents, and ultimately be more excited to go back out on the tennis court. That is a great tool for any player.”

Tommy Haas, Tennis Legend, Grand Slam Champion

“PlaySight has delivered cutting-edge technology to give open-minded coaches tools that have never existed. Moreover, the instant feedback (visual) provided to players is invaluable for the learning process.”

Oded Jacob, High Performance Coach, Tennis Canada

“It helps [our students] focus on what we’re trying to get them to focus on. If it’s being videoed, they’re more likely to really concentrate and their outcomes are better. It’s just more efficient training.”

Greg Chambers, Ensworth School, Tennis Director

“PlaySight is a game changer for my program. The ability to utilize PlaySight in practice and matches and provide my players with detailed information is an invaluable tool.  The players really appreciate being able to watch their practices and matches on their laptop and phone.”

Arvid Swan, Northwestern Men's Tennis - Head Coach

“The great thing about it is we can try to create something different for each girl. We can focus on the individual development of each player. That’s the great thing about this system. It isn’t one size fits all. Different players can be working on different parts of their game and still get the same type of feedback.”

Chris Young, Oklahoma State - Director of Tennis

“After using PlaySight… we’ve seen improvements within our team. The video analysis has allowed our players to see how they compete in matches and what shots they are choosing to hit at pressure moments. In addition the interactive practice drills have instantly made practices more competitive.”

Ross Wilson, Iowa Hawkeyes - Men's Tennis Head Coach

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