“PlaySight’s video will allow us to track the progress of our athletes and help develop them on the court.”

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA (November 23, 2020) PlaySight Interactive, the leading global sports video technology platform, is pleased today to announce a new partnership with Empowered Volleyball Academy. Empowered, which prides itself on “providing athletes with every essential tool necessary to become a true champion on and off the court”, has invested in technology as yet another key tool to continue to accomplish this mission. PlaySight’s Smart sports AI connected camera platform will be installed in their main indoor volleyball court, providing players, coaches and fans access to a pro-level technology platform, validated by teams throughout the MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA and leading leagues and sports federations across the world.


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“With or without COVID-19, Empowered Volleyball Academy wants to capture all of the great moments from our athletes. We also want to make matches available for family, friends and recruiters around the world.” said Director of Marketing and Technology Jeff Mahoney. “PlaySight will allow us the flexibility we’re looking for with their cameras. Whether we go live on their platform, or use their RTMP feed and produce our own broadcast, the customization was important for us.” 

Founded by William and his wife Ashley Robbins, Empowered Sports Club’s vision of building an all-inclusive elite level Junior Olympic Training Program came to fruition in the 2014-15 season, when Empowered produced the state’s first ever collegiate beach volleyball scholarship athlete, and several other top Division 1 indoor volleyball recruits. Empowered’s unique approach involves elite coaching, character building, leadership development, mental conditioning and volleyball specific strength and conditioning, and now industry-leading technology to help its athletes reach their goals and get to the next level. 

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