Want to learn what it is like to work at PlaySight? Read on!

We’re going to spend the next few months talking to members of the team about their backgrounds in sport, what they do at PlaySight, and much more. We’re always on the lookout for the next star to join our team, so don’t forget to check our careers page for the latest openings.

This week, we hear from Nisim Kadosh from our R&D team.

Tell us a bit more about your background before joining PlaySight.

Nisim: Before joining PlaySight, I worked as a tennis coach, National Chair Umpire and International Tennis Line Umpire. I also studied Computer Science at The Open University of Israel.

Technological Umpire In The Israeli National Championship Https://Playsight.com

Yair and Nisim on the PlaySight court before a PlayFair tournament.

What sports did you play growing up?

Nisim: A little bit of Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball and Table Tennis. My main sport was tennis, and I played almost 4-5 times per week until I was 18 and I participated in national competitions along the way.

What attracted you to working at PlaySight? 

Nisim: I was working as a Tennis coach at the Ramat Hasharon Tennis Center in Israel, which had PlaySight SmartCourt technology installed. I met one of their employees, Adam, who would come in from time to time to conduct QA tests on the system.

We started to talk about the technology and tennis and I told him that I was about to start computer science studies. I guess I said the right things because a few weeks later he suggested I apply for a job at PlaySight. Sports have always been a big part of my life, especially tennis. Being able to combine that with my interest in computers and technology made PlaySight a perfect fit for me.

What is your role at PlaySight?

Nisim: I am part of the R&D department, but in general my work involves almost every aspect of the company, across the support, product and development teams. I also get to travel and provide live demos in various sports for major projects.

Atp Demo At Queens Tournament 1 Https://Playsight.com

Our COO Asaf and Nisim hard at work.

Favorite athlete of all-time?

Nisim: Rafael Nadal. His amazing technique and abilities are undeniable, but what I really like is his approach to the game, his mental strength and personality.

Favorite team and sport?

Nisim: Hapoel Tel Aviv (Soccer and Basketball) and Tennis, as well as FC Barcelona.

What is the best part about working at PlaySight?

Nisim: The combination between sports and technology, connecting two things I’m passionate about.

What is your favorite experience so far during your time at PlaySight?

Nisim: PlayFair official umpire at the Israeli National Championship.

Finish this sentence – in five years, PlaySight will…

Nisim: Be the best sports technology company in the world, installed and partnered with the major facilities and sports all over the globe.


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