HOD HASHARON, ISRAEL (November 12th, 2020) – PlaySight Interactive, the leading global sports AI video technology platform, is pleased today to announce its new product portfolio and innovations for the global sports market. The company offers both fixed and portable connected multi-angle camera systems for over 30 sports in close to 40 different countries. Its updated product suite includes the PlaySight PRO, a fixed and permanent connected camera platform validated by the top teams in sports, and PlaySight GO, a fully-portable sports video platform that is powering the return to sports across the globe. 

“We wanted to simplify our products to reflect the innovations that have been underway at our company over the past year, accelerated by the pandemic.”

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PlaySight is also excited to unveil its new website and digital brand experience today as well – please visit www.playsight.com for more.

PlaySight’s Smart sports AI video platform is connecting sports all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of athletes, coaches, teams, colleges and sports facilities utilize PlaySight each and every day for automated production live stream broadcasts, multi-angle video recording, performance analysis and content monetization.


“Our product portfolio has evolved so much over the past five or six years,” said Chen Shachar, PlaySight’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We wanted to simplify our products to reflect the innovations that have been underway at our company over the past year, accelerated by the pandemic. Specifically, a shift towards portable and flexible technology solutions and an emphasis on an automated video experience without the need for a camera person or production crews.”

Through the software it offers, there are different levels to the PRO and GO platforms, depending on features needed and use cases. From integrated SmartScore technology to fully-automated SmartTracker technology to the new 8K camera rig, PlaySight is able to scale up and down the PRO and GO solutions for all levels of sport, from NBA organizations to youth facilities and high school athletic departments.

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PlaySight has also created a flexible and full-service OTT platform, the PlaySight Sports Network. It enables full content monetization opportunities for sports teams and facilities, from branded streaming to custom subscription plans. All live streaming and video is managed remotely, and can be pushed to the PSSN or any custom network or social media platform for enhanced exposure and reach.

The PlaySight video was designed with sports in mind, from multi-court live streaming, real-time zoom and much more. The new Live+ feature makes PlaySight the first multi-angle live streaming sports player in the market.