Want to learn what it is like to work at PlaySight? We’re going to spend the next few months talking to members of the team about their backgrounds in sport, what they do at PlaySight, and much more. We’re always on the lookout for the next star to join our team, so don’t forget to check our careers page for the latest openings.

This week, we hear from Adam in our R&D department.

What sports did you play growing up?

Adam: Since an early age, I played tennis, almost 4-5 times per week until I was 13. Around then, a friend of mine told me to come with him and try this sport called squash. Ever since, I haven’t looked back, and still play and compete both nationally in Israel and internationally.

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The team hard at work.

What attracted you to working at PlaySight? 

Adam: Similar to PlaySight’s other employees, I love both sports and technology. A few years ago, I noticed this PlaySight system getting installed at my local squash club. I was thrilled to see technology in my favorite sport, since squash was so far behind other sports from a technology standpoint. I reached out to the company to learn more, and ended up joining the team as they began in tennis, squash and racquet sports.

What is your role at PlaySight?

Adam: I work in the R&D department, and specifically QA. In my very second week at PlaySight, I travelled to Canada to install tennis SmartCourts in Montreal and Toronto. That trip was a sign of things to come – lots of travel and new adventures. For the first two years I focused mainly on our SmartCourt PRO tennis product with field tests and game statistics analysis. Now I work across all of our sports and products.

Favorite athlete of all-time?

Adam: Amr Shabana (he’s a famous squash player… Google him if you don’t believe me) and Andy Roddick.

Favourite team and sport?

Adam: I think you can probably guess it by now…. I am also an ESF level two squash coach and keep my word – free squash lessons for all PlaySight employees!

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Adam on the squash court.

What is the best part about working at PlaySight?

Adam: Seeing the evolution and development of our products has been an amazing experience. Even after four years at PlaySight, I am still so impressed by our technology – it is both useful and advanced for athletes in all sports. Also, working with our amazing Israel team, as well as our global team in Europe, North America and at our other offices.

What is your favorite experience so far during your time at PlaySight?

Adam: The experience of installing, demoing, and showcasing our products. 

Finish this sentence – in five years, PlaySight will…

Adam: Be the top “all-in-one solution” for the sports industry – from athletes to sport facilities, to coaches and fans.


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