Want to learn what it is like to work at PlaySight? We’re going to spend the next few months talking to members of the team about their backgrounds in sport, what they do at PlaySight, and much more!

This week, we hear from Erik Gormley, our East Coast Sales Director.

Tell us a bit more about your background before joining PlaySight.

Erik: I graduated from Western New England University, and after college began coaching Varsity Basketball and was the head coach of a U17 AAU basketball team in Westchester County. I then transitioned into working at two different media agencies in New York City – Zenith Media and Horizon, where I worked on the strategy team planning NBA/NFL media buys. Knew I wanted to make the jump over to sports/tech and ended up at PlaySight!

What sports did you play growing up?

Erik: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football. I was always better at basketball than the other sports.

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Game recognizes game

What attracted you to working at PlaySight?

Erik: I always knew I wanted to work in sports, and being able to combine PlaySight’s technology across multiple sports, especially basketball was a major draw to me. Being a big basketball fan, getting to use the technology on a SmartCourt to record myself shooting around was awesome. I knew this was where I wanted to be. The culture, the technology, and the team – everyone’s dedication to providing an amazing experience for our users was what made joining PlaySight an easy decision. Seeing what our team is working on behind-the-scenes is exciting too.

What is your role at PlaySight?

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Erik doing what he does best – training clients on our technology

Erik: I am the Director of Sales – I get to work on a team that brings our technology to a variety of markets, including the professional level, collegiate, high school, and top-tier athletic facilities across the country. I get to spread awareness about our technology, and train our clients on how to best use the technology to fit their everyday needs. I work with our sales, account management, and product teams to ensure that we stay the leader in sports tech.


Favorite athlete of all-time?

Erik: Latrell Sprewell. Just kidding. Steve Nash. Charles Oakley is a favorite too.

Favorite team and sport?

Erik: Basketball – New York Knicks (Editor’s Note: sorry Erik)

What is the best part about working at PlaySight?

Erik: I love the day-to-day of PlaySight – it is a great mix of learning about technology, developing relationships, talking with customers and our own team about how to make our technology better, and educating people about PlaySight. I get to problem solve on a daily basis on how to make the lives of our customers easier – there is something really rewarding about working with a team, player, coach or organization and adding so much value to their routines.

What is your favorite experience so far during your time at PlaySight?

Erik: I’ve got a few – visiting the headquarters in Tel Aviv, signing the Boston Celtics and training them on how to use our technology, and working Kevin Durant’s fantasy camp at Golden State. The Final 4 is always a good time too.

Finish this sentence – in five years, PlaySight will…

Erik: Not only be the leader in sports tech, but a necessity for every player, coach, team, and organization striving to be the best.